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Project Management

We manage the scope, schedule, and budget of your project using Microsoft Project or your preferred software. We provide you with timely updates about costs, schedules, and deliverables.

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Biological Services

Our biologists provide technical support for natural resource permitting. Staff expertise includes botany, wildlife, wetland evaluation, and fisheries. We conduct terrestrial habitat and impact assessments; surveys for native fish, amphibians/reptiles, and invertebrates; assessments for aquatic habitat (e.g., stream geomorphology, and spawning/breeding habitat); surveys for special-status plants, wildlife, and aquatic species; nesting bird surveys; wetland assessments and delineations; and environmental training tailboards and biological monitoring for construction, maintenance, and operation crews. We develop and implement terrestrial and aquatic avoidance and mitigation measures, including erosion control.

Stakeholder Negotiations

We have experience facilitating productive negotiations with federal, state, tribal, NGO, ecological resource committee, and other stakeholders. We are willing to act as your agent or provide guidance with regard to specific project needs.

Water Quality Sampling

Our extensive experience with water quality sampling allows us to provide onsite collection of multiple samples and to generate project-specific, required analytical information. Working with certified analytical laboratories, we transfer samples under chain of custody requirements with appropriate storage and handling techniques.

In situ water quality monitoring for field parameters is available as needed per project requirements. These monitoring services may be provided on a contractual basis or as a one-time event.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) with regard to sampling protocols will be implemented.

Trace Metal Clean Techniques

We conduct analytical sampling for trace metals at your project site using two-person “clean hands-dirty hands” techniques derived from US EPA Methodology 1669: Sampling Ambient Water for Trace Metals at EPA Water Quality Criteria Levels (US EPA 1996).

We assure that collected samples are analyzed by certified laboratories experienced with trace metal clean methodologies and requirements.

Our experience with these techniques allows us to provide your staff with on- or off-site training in trace metal clean techniques.

We also examine previous studies for data integrity and applicability to current standards.

Water Temperature Monitoring

S2S ERM places and monitors sensors in a way that assures quality collection of data. Our experience with these techniques helps us generate reliable data for your project.

Quality Assurance Program Planning

We can develop a Quality Assurance Program Plan (QAPP) for your organization on an as-needed basis or instruct you on how to create one. We can review and evaluate your organization’s current QAPP to ensure that it complies with current standards and protocols and is properly maintained.


We interact with all relative agencies on your behalf to ensure that the appropriate permits will be obtained and the project proceed smoothly and efficiently. We can assist you with obtaining permits such as the Clean Water Act Section 401 and CDFW Section 1600 permits and help complete and submit CEQA and NEPA documentation.

Best Management Practices (BMP)

We can work with your staff to develop best managment practices (“BMPs”) that help keep your projects in compliance with all regulations. We can also provide onsite inspections to ensure that BMP maintenance requirements are met.

Environmental Compliance

Our staff can help you with project-specific or generalized environmental compliance review for your projects. We monitor current laws and regulations and ongoing changes to ensure your projects are in compliance.

Data Management

Our monitoring and data collection will provide Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) to ensure that appropriate standards are met. If S2S ERM is responsible for sampling and collection, storage of the relevant data and its integrity will be ensured.

S2S ERM can contract directly with you or provide services by subcontracting with your preferred prime contractor.

Stormwater Trainings

We provide live educational courses for current storm water compliance practices and regulations. Training materials are presented by our EnviroCert and CASQA Qualified Instructor. Your staff will have the latest information as well as a solid understanding of erosion and sediment control practices. We can come right to your office or we offer weekend public courses (Sacramento, CA or private trainings at any location). We can customize our training courses to fit your specific needs and audience.


(925) 448-7875 – Call our instructor directly if you have any training related questions.

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