About Our Team

S2S was founded in 2008 by Elizabeth Frantz and Robert Frantz, President and disabled veteran with many years experience establishing and running small businesses. They were joined by Brian Frantz in 2013 and the firm has grown to 40 employees with a wide range of expertise. Our staff can provide you with a full spectrum of environmental management services, including biological assessments, stormwater management and water quality monitoring, permitting and compliance, and site protection and restoration.

In 2018, S2S expanded it’s capabilities with the acquisition of Californian Environmental Services. This expansion added a team of 9 new biologists stationed throughout California. Dr. Gretchen Padgett-Flohr, Principal, currently posesses federal and state permits for California Red-Legged Frog, California Tiger Salamander, and Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse. 


Client Testimonials

“S2S provides me with excellent support and cost-effective solutions that keep my projects in compliance.”— Michael Wagoner, CPSS, Licensing and Permitting Supervisor, PG&E

“S2S has demonstrated the ability to work closely with project stakeholders to deliver an accurate professional product, while maintaining flexibility and managing a fast-paced schedule. Incorporating S2S into our projects has proven to be efficient in achieving project success.”— Corbin Shields, Manager, Electric Project Management, PG&E

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