Surf to Snow Environmental Resource Management

A Brief History of Our Company

As a disabled veteran-owned business with a strong technical background and the ability to be flexible and responsive to our clients’ needs, Surf to Snow ERM is uniquely qualified to provide a multitude of environmental services while helping to meet diverse regulatory requirements.

S2S provides planning, permitting, project management, compliance monitoring, stormwater, and site restoration services that result in the successful, timely, on-budget completion of a project while meeting regulatory requirements and preserving the surrounding ecosystem.

Since we were founded in 2008, S2S has supported Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) with its environmental services needs. Initially, S2S was awarded a master services agreement as a niche firm supporting water quality and stormwater projects. S2S has since grown into a full-service environmental consulting firm that supports PG&E and other strategic partners in all major lines of business, including electric transmission, gas transmission, power generation, distribution/facilities support, and site restoration projects.

Our Mission

We provide natural resource and regulatory expertise to help our clients and partners build projects and succeed in their business while protecting and managing our shared environment for today and for future generations.

Our Vision

We believe there is a better way to work and serve our clients–a way that honors community, the environment, and people. Over the next three years, we will expand and grow our expertise, client relationships, people, and organizational capacity while preserving and enhancing the unique culture that makes us who we are. We value our shared environment and the broader communities in which we work.

Surf to Snow Environmental Resource Management (S2S) is a member of the Disabled Veteran Business Alliance. The DVBA believes in the power of business innovation to help veterans achieve their full potential in life. It recognizes that veterans’ experiences in the military prepare them to be smart, capable entrepreneurs. The DVBA helps disabled veterans achieve the satisfaction, pride, and independence that comes from running their own business. Veterans come home with a strong sense of the value of discipline, hard-work, and leadership. They’ve worked in the most challenging circumstances imaginable and know they can accomplish anything with the right team. The DVBA provides veterans an entrepreneurial edge through:


  • mentoring to help develop a business plan
  • connections that become prospects
  • advocacy that ensures veterans get the opportunities they deserve

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